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Rabbit vs tortoise!! Who cheated ?..any guesses….

Do you know the story of the rabbit and the tortoise…. Of course you do.
I am going to let you on a secret about who cheated.

If you don’t know the story , no problem(I got you covered). For those who know, can skip the next paragraph.

Once there were 2 dudes, a rabbit and tortoise. Rabbit was proud for his physical speed and the other for his mental speed. One fine day there both ended up making a race bet among themselves. So they races, rabbit was overconfident and ran at light speed only to think of taking rest for a while just few mile before the finish line, specially since tortoise was no were to be seen. Eventually tortoise caught up and over took the sleeping rabbit and won the race. Finish.

My guess is you read the above paragraph even after knowing the story, I got bored writing the para, as much as you got bored reading it. Don’t mind the fine details.

Anyways moral of the story : slow and steady wins the races.

Well well this is just the start of my story.

Story continues…..
Being pissed at tortoise , rabbit dares him to race again. Eventually he agrees.

Again race between them starts… Bamm..
Rabbit doesn’t even look back and runs as if his life depends on it. No surprises here, he wins. Tortoise loses.

Moral: fast and steady alway beats slow and steady.

Rabbits learned never repeat your mistake.

Tortoises learned you don’t get lucky, you make your luck.

See , this is the funny thing about moral, it’s different for everyone.

So does the story end…hhmmm… No

Now tortoise thought for a while… He then double dare rabbit to a race again. Rabbit agreed!


Next day the race started. Both ran for the victory, rabbit and tortoise both learned there lessons and prepared. but the race course is different as soon as the rabbit reaches the end to win the race , he is surprise to find a river in the way. Like a stone he stood as tortoise came as his own pace and overtook him and swam across the river to win the race.

Moral: Never give up

Tortoises learned to think ahead is a wise practice. Find you strong point and use it to your advantage.

Rabbits learned – (can’t you sense your opponent is upto something if he is provoking you to his game.)Always know you opponents move.

So does the story end ? …
Not yet… Come on ,bear with me.
Now rabbit thinks for a while and go speak to tortoise. Since they have been racing together for a while ,
they became friends .He proposes a truces and a mutual race as friends.

This time rabbit let tortoise on his back and ran till the river, the tortoise let rabbit on his back to cross the river and by combining there ability , they set a new time record for track.

On the top

Moral: team works is working together to overcome limitations.

Rabbits learned: don’t keep grudges ,
Life’s too short for that.

Tortoises learned: you can find friends in most unexpected places. Keep your mind open.

So doesn’t the story end…now.
Actually it never will, rabbit and tortoise will still do mistake and learn new morals, sometimes may repeat the mistake only remember the learn learned.

Just like them , life is all about the mistake we make and the way we learn for it, only to feel the joy of overcoming it, only to face a new challenge, a new mistake.

Wait a minute …. Now there are talking about another bet… Got to go … Catch you later about there new bets….

I guess the one who cheated here is me, from the title.


Hope you had fun reading as much as I had writing.

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Keep writing till chaos becomes a pattern

One day I was driving on my way from work and just like that I was stuck in a never ending traffic. Cars clogging and bumper to bumper. horns were having a busy day not that it was helping.

Everyone was in a hurry, all trying to go off road to make a lucky escape.
It was chaos, in its best. Well I had no plans for the day and radio was kind to my ears. Sitting in comfort and arguing why are people dying to hurry.

Strangely I started noticing that the lane on my right was going faster Than the others but it was not continues. Cars in front would start moving for 5 sec than the left lane car would move for something same. But the cars on right lane would always for longer time. The sequence was not there but the time duration had a pattern.

Guess what I did next?

Nothing 😉 I ignored it. who knows, the moment I change to right lane traffic might move faster on the middle lane.
20 minutes thru the carnival, my legs  were starting to feel hearts pain.

Out of blue I changed to right lane(god knows what I was thinking).
5 minutes later I came far ahead, soon I reached the end.
I noticed that a car accident was blocking the left side of middle and left lane. Everyone was fine I believe. Once the cars were injured.

My point of the above story is chaos is like that beginning of all things calm. You need to believe that there is a way to deal with every problem. Try to make sense of the situation, observe a pattern, think outside the box.
It’s doesn’t take a genius the tell which lane is faster but you should to willing to find a better lane.
Willing to act upon your observation, take the risk and improvise.
When I started to write I hardly knew what to write but I would force my self, i scribbled and started observe other bloggers and there write soon I was noticing many patterns for a good blog.
Giving advise is the easy part, it’s the applying part that a pain. Best advice are based on common sense and conscience.

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People and the poop syndrome ;-)

Never give up….. That’s what they say rite.

You shouldn’t listen to every thing people say. Everyone of us have instinct, which helps us in our life. Not that it always works but it’s gives you that feel…. You know when things are not gonna workout.

Sometimes we still continue working on it. All of people who are successful say that there persistence was the key to there success.

Success of what ?. Success is a strange word at times, it can be tricky.

Imagine you trying to make a learn pottery on your own , you keep trying but fail miserably everything. You learn that pottery is not your thing, you give up. So is this the end are you a failure. Not quiet.

There’s a saying “happy or sad ending depends ,were you end the story”.

So let’s continue own story, after giving up pottery you learn that making pot is not that easy, you need some one to teach it to you. So there are people who must have failed at pottery just like you.

You hustle, find a good pottery teacher, find interested fellow potter and start a workshop with a fee. And guess what you learned to make pot and started making money while learning. So are you a success now.

Giving up soon early to take a fresh approach is as important as persistence.

Learning persistently is the key.

The above example might be vague but am sure you get my point.

Please bear my next para. (18+)


I like to introduce a term, I call it “poop syndrome” , come on …. We are all grown ups.

At times we sit on the loo putting pressure, even then we know its done. Nothing happens, as soon as we think it’s done and get ready to get up, we feel it’s not done and sit back grinding our teeth (not meant to be vulgar).

Even when the shit looks fairly equivalent to what we ate last night. In the end we do the most logical thing. Give up and call it a day, only to end up wasting 20 min(please rethink all “we” as “me” if it makes you feel better).


So back to the title, giving up at the rite time is a success as long as your are open to learn for the experience.

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Who do you write for ?

Who do you write for  ?

There are 3 type of question in life who, what, why. These apply to pretty much everything we do in life. Lets leave what and why for another post.


will be honest, I like writing in general, its not exciting but still keeps the mind busy. what kept me away for it was the fear of what people would think of my post at first, but lately the fear is diminishing so, for one thing, I can say .I write for myself. It helps me grow , more I share, more I understand myself.

Its hard to resist the need to force your set of morals on the world. Everyone has there own set of right on wrong, who is to judge.

In the beginning I didn’t have many reader, not that I have alot lately but I have people who read my post these days. Most friend and family.

Have you ever thought,why is it so important to tell what we know or think about world around us. They isn’t any discovery to share, then why do people like me want to tell our thought.

Its like a reminder, to help you remember what you already know in your heart. It may motivate you or clear your mind. A few people can inspire others in life and others inspire them. Its makes you think otherwise, debating every line you read. Making people rethink there thoughts.

When i was a small, my mom would force me to study the my notes my writing them in a rough note and at the same time read out what i wrote loud enough for her to hear in the kitchen. It gave me time to think about each and every word i wrote as it felt more like a punishment . The habit still remain, be your own best critic.

The more I write, more I am able to communicate my thought better, that I couldn’t express in words before , Your have to think alot before you write, what to say and how to tell it. Its all matter.

Doesn’t mean i am good yet, but you understand its importance.

When we speak, we take our thought for granted, we speak for the sake of saying, with out giving much thoughts .

That’s why I write, it’s a way to get clear thought about what you really feel. Every word you write it processed to satisfaction. we can really know what we thinking about anything, once you write it there is no going back, but this shouldn’t scare us.

Make mistakes only to learn from them and never repeat them.


Fools wisdom and foolish experiences


Every time I want to write or tell anything I keep wondering it’s already been said and done.

There are 3 basic things people share why, what and the how. Wisdom , facts and the knowledge as mostly know. Facts never change, knowledge always increases but strangely wisdom doesn’t grow like we expect it too. Facts by very definition mean the obvious . Knowledge is what we knows and learn.

Wisdom is different one, have you ever given anyone advice, even thou your not the expert about it and still fail to follow your own advice in your life. Peach and no practice. Advice doesn’t depend on what you say, but also how and whom you tell. Wisdom is result of Experience.

Which everyone should do it for them self. If you didn’t experience the situation you will likely not follow the advice. But for those who experience the situation can always be reminded the wisdom with a friendly advice.

My point being, if your want to know how others did something well it isn’t actually going to help you do it. We read success story every where, so many entrupneur sharing there story, telling there mistakes there experience for it. There is no reason for people to do such mistake again but because it’s not your own mistake your and I will never know what it feel like. I am not saying we won’t remember not to do that mistake once warned about but deeper the wound , darker the mark. A pinch mark won’t stay.

Let’s go out there, do thing you want to do, make your own mistake, but never give up, make your experience. Wisdom grows one experience at a time

You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel coz there tube light in every tunnel these days.

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Archimedes isn’t alone

Archimedes did a lot of good thing but is remembered most for one thing. “Euraka” exactly my point.
He ran naked screaming that, who know how much of it is true but one thing is for sure he was a bathroom thinker. What’s a :bathroom thinker you wonder. Your must have heard about his famous cousin the bathroom singer.

Most might not admit it but I do that most of my idea and thought are clear while am bathing, sometimes I wish I had a waterproof phone to type in creative intervention. All those frustrating time when I pick my brains to remember what that This or that idea was. But I guess it has a think which most people don’t notice. Washroom is we’re you are truly alone, I mean you can be alone locked in any room but what makes washroom so special. The word that makes sense to me is “habits” from childhood burned deep in your head. People feel sub consciously safe I presume. We cry , wonder about daily problem, what to do next, it’s the best place to plan.
So why am I talking so much about bathroom you think? If the thought of this post makes you feel silly then am sorry.
We see and tell thing, do things but rarely notice, I wanted to bring it to your attention.

It funny that I can’t find a better way to end the post given the fact am typing sit on a comfortable couch, guess i should be on my way to washroom.

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Stage fright is a sign of good blogger

There is nothing wrong with being afraid. It’s what makes as who we are, over coming it later become moment to remember and feel happy about. I have been a very fearfull type of guy, am afraid of a lot of thing and from the title even stage. but there is a cause for everything even for this ear. The fear of rejection,but mostly it’s doubt. The “what if” as we know it. There are time it’s help getting to a positive outcome but mostly it’s wondering about the negative outcome. That doubt is base upon your opinion on something you have to say. What I mean to say is normally speaker ,blogger, writer have something to say, to share. What makes them good at there job is by overcome the fear of that the world thinks about them and there work.

People who are afraid to speak on stage can’t be course of two main reason
-don’t know what to say.
-don’t know if others will like what They have to say.

The first one is all about confidence which we will talk about some other day.
The later is point of interest today. For what I understand everyone have something to say, it’s human thing. Good or bad, interested or not the fancy word for it is gossiping I believe, so don’t fool your self telling you don’t have anything to say. Just say “hi, I don’t know anything about what to say”, people like a fool on stage these days it’s the new smart.

About weather they will like it well
If you have something to talk about or say, then it’s only a matter of overcoming fear if what the world say. Guess what you have a 50% chance of been a hit and even if it’s not a hit, the fact that you overcame your fear will be a awesome moment to look back so I won’t call it a failure either.