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Rabbit vs tortoise!! Who cheated ?..any guesses….

Do you know the story of the rabbit and the tortoise…. Of course you do.
I am going to let you on a secret about who cheated.

If you don’t know the story , no problem(I got you covered). For those who know, can skip the next paragraph.

Once there were 2 dudes, a rabbit and tortoise. Rabbit was proud for his physical speed and the other for his mental speed. One fine day there both ended up making a race bet among themselves. So they races, rabbit was overconfident and ran at light speed only to think of taking rest for a while just few mile before the finish line, specially since tortoise was no were to be seen. Eventually tortoise caught up and over took the sleeping rabbit and won the race. Finish.

My guess is you read the above paragraph even after knowing the story, I got bored writing the para, as much as you got bored reading it. Don’t mind the fine details.

Anyways moral of the story : slow and steady wins the races.

Well well this is just the start of my story.

Story continues…..
Being pissed at tortoise , rabbit dares him to race again. Eventually he agrees.

Again race between them starts… Bamm..
Rabbit doesn’t even look back and runs as if his life depends on it. No surprises here, he wins. Tortoise loses.

Moral: fast and steady alway beats slow and steady.

Rabbits learned never repeat your mistake.

Tortoises learned you don’t get lucky, you make your luck.

See , this is the funny thing about moral, it’s different for everyone.

So does the story end…hhmmm… No

Now tortoise thought for a while… He then double dare rabbit to a race again. Rabbit agreed!


Next day the race started. Both ran for the victory, rabbit and tortoise both learned there lessons and prepared. but the race course is different as soon as the rabbit reaches the end to win the race , he is surprise to find a river in the way. Like a stone he stood as tortoise came as his own pace and overtook him and swam across the river to win the race.

Moral: Never give up

Tortoises learned to think ahead is a wise practice. Find you strong point and use it to your advantage.

Rabbits learned – (can’t you sense your opponent is upto something if he is provoking you to his game.)Always know you opponents move.

So does the story end ? …
Not yet… Come on ,bear with me.
Now rabbit thinks for a while and go speak to tortoise. Since they have been racing together for a while ,
they became friends .He proposes a truces and a mutual race as friends.

This time rabbit let tortoise on his back and ran till the river, the tortoise let rabbit on his back to cross the river and by combining there ability , they set a new time record for track.

On the top

Moral: team works is working together to overcome limitations.

Rabbits learned: don’t keep grudges ,
Life’s too short for that.

Tortoises learned: you can find friends in most unexpected places. Keep your mind open.

So doesn’t the story end…now.
Actually it never will, rabbit and tortoise will still do mistake and learn new morals, sometimes may repeat the mistake only remember the learn learned.

Just like them , life is all about the mistake we make and the way we learn for it, only to feel the joy of overcoming it, only to face a new challenge, a new mistake.

Wait a minute …. Now there are talking about another bet… Got to go … Catch you later about there new bets….

I guess the one who cheated here is me, from the title.


Hope you had fun reading as much as I had writing.


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